The 20 best places to tackle U.S. farm nitrogen pollution

Scientists find 63% of surplus U.S. cropland nitrogen in only 24% of cropland area, and reveal best counties to target
Map showing 20 key areas where nitrogen reduction efforts should be targeted.

A pioneering study of U.S nitrogen use in agriculture has identified 20 places across the country where farmers, government, and citizens should target nitrogen reduction efforts.

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Group photo of ALC

ALC Co-Director Ernesto Méndez Selected for VP of Research Fellowship

The Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative (ALC) is excited to share the news that ALC Co-director Ernesto Méndez has been selected as the inaugural Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR) Fellow at UVM.  This competitive fellowship provides institutional support for the institutionalization of  the ALC as a University of Vermont institute.

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(Left to right) Jeff Buzas, Eric Roy, Jane Kolodinsky, Meredith Niles, Leon Walls, Dan Tobin, and Emily Belarmino

Gund Institute Launches Four Catalyst Projects

The Gund Institute for Environment announced Gund Catalyst Awards support for four new UVM-wide environmental research projects today.

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